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February 23rd - Talk To Your Home - Myrrhmade Love Where You Are Challenge Day 23!


February 23rd - Welcome to day 23 of the Myrrhmade Love Where You Are Challenge! 

Come on in and join us!

Day 23: Talk To Your Home

Ok, I'll admit, the title might sound a little odd but bear with me. 

Whether or not we think we have a strong intuitive sense, we all have more ways of receiving information than are under our conscious control. The 10% use of our brain myth has been thoroughly debunked, and much more of our brain is active, even when we sleep, even if we haven't figured out how to figure out what all of it is doing. We take in much more information than we can process, and a whole lot more than we can consciously work through. 

Our rational minds can only do so much. Our brains take shortcuts whenever possible and rely on habit whenever they can. (For a fascinating read about how much of our lives our brains divert to habit, I recommend reading The Power Of Habit by Charles Duhigg.) In order to sidestep some of our conscious patterns and negative self-talk, we can engage some of the more creative parts of our thinking.

Similar to having children act out their feelings through toys or puppets, you can find out more about your own stuck spots and tap into your own inner wisdom through holding council in your own mind. 

If you've ever named a plant or a car or written a letter to your younger or future self, you're already there.

Daily Challenge: Talk to your home. 

Whether you want to think of it as a multi-part improvisation where you play the role of your home as well as yourself, if you want to engage with your non-physical experience of your home, or if you want to dive into the deep end and form a relationship with the anima of where you live, you might be surprised at what comes up. 

In order to have a positive relationship with and love where you are, it can be helpful to think of your home in relationship terms. Do you invest in your relationship by spending time together? Do you take care of each other? Are you a good friend to your home? Do you look forward to upcoming time together? Do you feel gratitude for what your home contributes to your life? 

It's all too easy to focus on and get stuck on the negatives, the incompletes, and how you wish things were different. But there are things that are great, perfect even, about where you are

When you have a conversation with your home, in your head on paper or even out loud, what comes up? What do you notice? 

Daily Mindset Mantra: What can I learn from where I am? 

It's so easy to fall into the trap of "I'll be happy when..." and then we let our brains convince us to stay small and safe and discontent. 

If you don't deal with the negative thought patterns, you'll bring them right with you into the new situation and the "over there" will still be "over there" when you get to where you think it was–the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

If we fully process stuck energy and clear the blockages, it can then flow freely. 

If you're having a problem with something, it is you who has the problem. This is a bit like the phrase mind over matter, if you don't mind, it doesn't matter. Rather than trying to arrange the world to make yourself happy, work towards rearranging your own thoughts so that you can be happy in the world. 

Bonus task: Choose a sticky spot or topic and ask what it's there to teach you. 

Many of us, when faced with a problem, jump right into fixing mode. We push it away, and try to remove the offending situation or object as quickly as possible. 

However, with each challenge comes great opportunity. How are you being called to grow, to increase your capacities and your skills? Growing up doesn't end in early adulthood. 

Every day is a chance to improve, to grow more resilient, to learn new things, and to broaden what you have to offer.

My experience:

Well for starters, my house is TOTALLY not worried about much of anything that's occupying my brain. 

It's also not in any hurry. 

My house is playing the long game and the squabbles of little ones fade so quickly as in a flash they'll be grown up and off on their own adventures. Slow down, and know that it is in accepting the way things are that we can move forward to better things. All energy spent fighting the way things are is wasted energy. Knowing where you're starting allows you to move to the next step. 

It also knows that winter is coming to an end. Under the snow, the world is coiled and ready to spring forth. The heat is running less, the sun is shining more. 

What about you? What can you learn from your home? 

Make sure to check back here tomorrow for the next challenge, the next tips, and the next dose of the Myrrhmade  Love Where You Are Challenge.

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