Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Now babies, behave yourselves...

Well my darlings, as I write this there are fewer than twelve hours before I fly off into the great southeast Asia.

As my cracktor put it, it's a part of the world that is really only imaginary -- it's so far out of our awareness that it doesn't really exist. :) Soon, at least for me, it will. :)

I leave you with one last gem: my first foray into my Estonian Lace knitting book (and YES, I followed the pattern :p ) followed up with some lovely red dye. I loved making it so much that I've already started on another pattern from the book and am bringing it with me to help pass the time on my many plane rides :)

lots of love and see you when I return!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

accidental art :)

Busy Bunny - crafts for my trip

I've been a pretty busy bunny getting ready for my trip. When researching what I would need for my trip I kept coming across fun things that aren't really necessary but would certainly make the journey more enjoyable. For many of these things I kept thinking to m'self that I could totally make them - and better!


Wool Airplane-booties - to slip on over my socks and keep my toes warm :)

Over the course of my trip I'll spend over sixty hours on planes and in airports. Some little comforts will go a long way I think. :)

I saw these cute leather initial luggage tags and thought they would be so lovely to make out of the all-wool felt I'd gotten a little while ago. Three felt layers with sturdy ribbon for tying.

And finally (for now) I got myself a cotton/bamboo eye mask but
discovered that it's cream color let too much light through. Wool felt to the rescue once again! Simple chain-stitch embroidery around the edge and a B in a heart. Napping should be easy!

Bottle Cutter Kit

So... I finally got around to testing out my bottle-cutter-kit a few weeks ago and am finally getting around to posting about it!

It was really easy and really neat. Unfortunately I discovered AFTER cutting these bottles that the "label" is etched in rather than printed on, so these were just practice!

Real projects will have to wait!