Sunday, September 24, 2023

Celebrating 500 Posts! (plus a few)


Hello Lovelies! 

I keep waiting for the roller coaster to stop, or at least slow down, but the days and months and years keep speeding by.

Every few years I take a look at this blog space and decide if I want to post more often and how I want to shift it to fit the current version of myself.

I recently did an exercise, as part of a coaching group, and wrote down a list of 25+ I'm proud of accomplishing. 

For a variety of reasons, I often downplay my achievements, and don't dwell on anything I've done. The next urgent matter has already come up, whether or not it's important. 

Writing down this list was an eye-opener for me and was a delightful experience in sorting through my past for things that bring a sense of accomplishment. After writing my top 25, I decided to keep going. As of this writing, the list is at #77 and going strong. 

One of the things on the list is this blog and having written more than 500 posts! 

I started this space 14.5 years ago, as a way to keep people up to date on my life and focus on gratitude as my husband deployed for the first time, less than a year after we got married.

Here we are now! We just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary, we have two brilliant kids, and are living a marvelous adventure together! 

Thank you to everyone who's been here every step of the way, everyone who's even peeked in to see what's going on, and everyone in between. I'm grateful for these morsels of your time and I am proud to still be here. 

With all my love,


Thursday, September 7, 2023

We will love you always, Thelma kitty. Thank you for all the snuggles.

 A couple nights ago our beloved Thelma passed away in her sleep.

She'd been struggling with a tongue tumor for a couple of months and we gave her the royal treatment until the end.

In no particular order, here are some favorite memories: 

Thank you so much to everyone who visited, cared for, and loved her along the way.