Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Newest chooks - spring 2015


After we said farewell to ladies, our last chickens, in the fall we started daydreaming about starting again. In the winter, amidst snow storms and with our not-quite-so-newborn in my arms, I placed our order for a new batch of chickens. After fewer than half arrived alive (snowstorm after they'd shipped) I was reluctant to post. And then we  almost moved to Bahrain but didn't.

Since then, we've received replacements that all arrived happily. The big girls (and guy!) are out in the big coop and within a week or two we will put the new girls out in their own space inside the large coop for them all to get acquainted. 

When the time comes to finally merge the flock, we will move along a couple of the "hatch day mystery" chicks we ordered to fill in the required number to ship in early February. But for now we have happy peeping in the dining room, and scratching and pecking in the back yard. 

It's good to have chooks again. And not just to hear C talk to Missser Roosser. 

*My computer can't quite find the will to live, so I'm posting without my usual tools. Please forgive any errors and point them out kindly!*


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

We're Not Moving to Bahrain


You're not moving there either? You've never even considered moving there? 

We hadn't either.

We hadn't until my husband got offered a job on NSA Bahrain, in the island kingdom of Bahrain. 

They gave us three days to decide. Even with the extension that made it a week to decide, we had some serious thinking to do, questions to ask,  conversations to have, and phone calls to make. 

Ultimately we decided that it wasn't the right adventure for us, but probably not for the reasons you'd think.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I'll believe the bees - Finally Spring


With the most volume and most occurrences of snow that I can remember in any year I've lived here in Connecticut, and several forecasted snowfalls within that past week, it's hard to believe that it's been officially spring for a couple weeks.

I'll believe the bees.

A few warm days and the crocuses burst out in full chorus and the bees are buzzing! 

Even with warm days sprinkled throughout the past couple of months, the intermingled snow made it hard to believe. Sunshine, toddler in sleeveless shirts, baby crawling on bare ground, new chicks to fill our coop (post to follow), and the peeping from nests all around our property, Spring has finally arrived. Thank goodness!