Monday, July 22, 2013

Going Back to Basics - Use Your Scraps


There are many things that past generations did as a matter of course that we are just beginning to bring back now - such as bringing bags to carry goods home. I am so thankful that  throwaways are becoming less and less favorable. 

For many reasons I've sought to minimize my use of plastics and have always preferred natural materials. When buying or making toys or other stuffed objects I've always tried to use cotton or wool, but due to cost have succumbed to the ease of poly-fill on more than one occasion. 

Just over two years ago I made a scrap bag to collect the little bits and ends of fabric and yarn leftover from any of my various endeavors. Finally, the "something delightful" I threatened to stuff has come along. 

Rag dolls of yesteryear were made with leftover scraps and stuffed with even more of the same. Today we can just as easily use our extra bits of fiber instead of buying new material.

To make your own scrap stuffing, save the odds and ends from your projects as you go. Cut your scraps/rags into pieces one inch or smaller. This will allow them to shift and move with washing.

Rag or scrap stuffing works like a dream, is completely machine washable, and will not shrink or clump like many natural stuffings. It also reduces and recycles perfectly good fiber that would otherwise end up in a landfill. 


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Changing Directions here at Myrrhmade


As I mentioned back in February, my life has changed drastically and I'm still mulling a bit as to how to update this space without having it become a documentation of our children (present and future). I've been struggling to figure out what I want to put into and get out of this blog. I'm not going to abandon it altogether but need to update the use of this blog to better fit my life and myself.

What to do now, what to change, what to keep, and many more such quandaries have been occupying my thoughts and I've yet to come up with any definite answers. So, for now, I'll have to content myself with a slight change of directions. 

One of my original purposes here was to document my adventures, whether they were in my kitchen or half way around the world. Before becoming a parent, there was inherently energy that I could devote solely to my own interests and my own person. As a single person, I was the center and main consumer of my own attentions and energies.

The new addition to our family has charged me with a great responsibility - the stewardship of another being until she is able to take care of herself. This moves the center of my energy away from my own person and focuses it on giving to others. I find myself wanting to reflect that direction here as well.

In the past I've sometimes added recipes or directions in case someone else was interested in trying their own hand. Going forward I want to share what we do that might make a difference for other people. I hope to make this blog less about documenting my own exploits and more about showing what has worked well for us and how easy it can be to make improvements. 

There are also some side projects in the wings so look forward to other adventures!