Saturday, April 17, 2010

Greece - amazing after amazing.

It has taken me a full week to process and even begin to figure out where to start.The short version is that it's amazing, and you have to go there. ALL of you have to go there.

These pictures, as well as the pictures in the other two posts about this long voyage are all unedited. No cropping, tweaking, or adjusting. I also do not have a fancy camera. It is merely this beautiful with breathtaking sights and views at every corner.

 I spent a week and a day in Athens before Joe arrived. I didn't take a single picture during that time, needing to process, recover, have a break and a change of pace to come down from my time in indochina. I spent my days taking long walks around the city, discovering squares and smaller monuments that would never have been an intentional destination but each was a spectacular find. I truly marinated in the history, culture and environment of such a bountiful city.

After Joe's arrival we spent four days together exploring the major monuments and historical sights within walking distance and thoroughly enjoyed the recorded tour aboard the double-decker red tour bus - although I think I got more enjoyment out of the fact that it was red than he did. ;)

We then took a 7.5 hour ferry out to Santorini/Fira with the intention of visiting some other islands hopping our way back to the mainland.

Santorini, or Fira as the locals call it, was an amazing island full of old-world history, modern slow living, and the ultimate place to find a peaceful balance, reconnecting with my beloved husband.

Even without being at my healthiest (recovering from microbes and whatnot from asia) and even spending the last few days coughing sick, I cannot recall a happier, more relaxing, and soul-nourishing place. While it would have been amazing to be anywhere with my husband all to myself, I cannot imagine a more idyllic place, the most magical spot I have yet to encounter.

The only disappointments we encountered, other than the occasional grumpy hotel worker, was that the renovations on some of the major sites prevented us from seeing them as we might wish. Our consolation? Oh we'll just have to come back in five or ten years! And gladly!

I am so thankful to have had this opportunity not only to visit with my husband but to see such a richly steeped place - history, culture, beauty, and deliciousness of every kind, without warning, pomp or circumstance.

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  1. Greece has some very nice spots from which someone can really admire nature and history. I was there last year and went around quite a few islands (13 from what I can recall. Was the best client of

    I suggest Paros, Andros and Mykonos.