Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bathroom Makeover Pt2 - Bathroom Floor, Stenciled Linoleum

Bathroom Makeover Pt2 - Bathroom Floor

(For before pictures take a look at Bathroom Makeover Part1)

After taking on the challenge of redecorating the bathroom and sink, I tackled the floor. 

No, I didn't trip. It did involve some magic though.

For this week's edition of "Why Yes! You can paint that!" we will feature my bathroom floor.

After looking into flooring options and figuring out what the heck we actually had (one of the mysteries of buying a house) I determined that, once again, painting would be the best option. 

Inspired by floor painting projects of my mother in numerous houses throughout my childhood, I got to work.

After much research, I decided to try my hand at stenciling, thus preserving some of the blue from the floor - a most beloved color to our dear C. As our bathroom floor has a lot of area and few features to work the work around, I chose a large stencil. 

Add in pewter porch floor paint (for durability), and surprisingly little time, our floor is marvelous!

Here's how to paint a linoleum/marmoleum floor: 


Floor Paint
Easy Tack Repositionable Adhesive Spray (optional but so helpful)
Hi-density foam mini roller
A clean floor
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1.) Thoroughly clean the floor and let dry.

2.) (Optional) Spray back of stencil with easy-tack and let dry according to directions on can. This makes the stencil into a sticky-note of sorts and helps hold it in place while you paint. 

3.) Place stencil along edge of room/previous stencil and paint lightly.

4.) Repeat.

The floor paint set surprisingly quickly, I didn't have to wait between stenciling for any paint to dry before moving the stencil to the next position. 

5.) Let dry completely according to directions on paint. 

I stenciled the floor over two evenings to allow us to continue to use the toilet at the far end of the bathroom. The first night I stenciled the left 3/4 of the room leaving an aisle along the tub. The second night, after the left side was try enough for "light foot traffic" I painted the remaining edge. 

The stencil I used had a repeat guide marks (small dots that line up with the next panel) that made it very easy.

This is a project that looks amazing even if you don't do it perfectly

There are smudges, uneven gaps, extra spots, and smeared paint. As a whole, it looks incredible perfectly wabi sabi. 

I am so thrilled. After coming home from his trip, my husband first thought I'd actually tiled the floor but then, after a double-take, realized it was only painted. Well done, I say.

Total Cost: $80.25
Total Time: A few hours over two days.

For our decent sized bathroom, I used less than a quarter of the quart sized can of paint. For the same cost, I could do three more floors the same size. 

Stay tuned for P3!

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  1. I can attest to the beauty of this floor.
    And it is quite so.