Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The best $5 I've ever spent - buying not so perfect produce.


Recently I've been seeing lots of articles about "ugly" vegetables - ones that don't meet the perfection standards held by many grocery stores.

They aren't any less nutritious, they aren't even necessarily damaged in any way. 

For anyone looking to eat well for less, try looking in the "day old" bin or reduced price cart at your local grocery store.

There's a local market that's a little farther from our house (but closer to Joe's work) that has a wonderful discount shelf. Often it's just "ripe bananas" 3lbs for 99c but occasionally there are lots of other goodies. 

They may have a soft spot. They may be the last of the batch, or they may just need to be peeled. 

2lbs of asparagus blanched and individually quick frozen (IQF)
Tomatoes eaten raw and in fresh pasta sauce
Broccoli to a friend and yellow flowered ones to the chooks
Cucumber salad
Bananas for snacks and the freezer.

For $5.

Our favorite local bakery almost always has goodies in a day old bin. The only difference in taste and texture is the same as you get from buying food and not eating it all the day you buy it. If I buy a couple of scones I'm not going to finish them completely within a couple hours. I'd much rather get a couple goodies at half the price and enjoy them just as much.

See what you can find! 

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