Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bathroom Makeover Pt1 - Bathroom Sink and Before Pictures


One of the big projects I took on while Joe was away for a month was a bathroom makeover. 

Here's a "before" shot from December - dark walls, dark closet doors, dark vanity, blue acrylic sink top, blue floor. 

You can't see the medicine cabinet over the toilet, but it's builder grade dark oak, like the vanity cabinet. It has three mirrors inset, sagging shelves that are too narrow to actually be useful, and obnoxiously bright clear lightbulbs.

DIY Bathroom Sink Makeover

For this week's edition of "Why Yes! You can paint that!" we will feature my bathroom sink.

With the walls and cabinets painted, here is the sink pre-paint

It's a large hunk of blue marbled plastic. It's a different blue than the floor, and yet a different blue than the closet. The corners are dreadfully pointy and it's just a little bit too close to the toilet at the right. 

After hemming and hawing about a new vanity, even used ones are more than $50 without the sink, I decided to paint. I rounded the deadly corners with my palm sander and got to work.

Yes, you can paint a sink.

Here's how:

How to paint a sink and countertop:


Garbage bags or other drop cloths

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1.) Mask and cover the faucet, drain, and surrounding areas. 

2.) Prime the entire surface (top, sides, under the lip, in the air drain hole etc.) of the counter and the sink. 

Allow to fully cure before applying paint - follow dry times on paint can.

The flat grey primer I used was almost the same color as the textured paint I chose.

3.) Paint entire surface, and allow to fully dry.

4.) Clear-coat the entire surface and allow to dry fully.

Because this is a high-traffic area and one that's often wet, it's best to let each layer fully cure and then seal it all with a clear coat on top.

I didn't want a shiny counter so I went with a clear matte paint.

5.) Remove all tape, drop cloths, and masking.

6.) Put everything back where it goes and enjoy!

While it's not a vastly different value (darkness) of color, it makes such a difference to the space.

Total cost: $28.70

I'll take it!


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