Monday, July 11, 2016

Silence and Surprises


We've been very busy, but I can't tell you about it.

A certain someone hasn't seen our work yet. But I can't tell you about that either. Not yet at least.

What I can tell you is that there have been lots of plants, dirt, painting (rolled, sprayed, brushed, and stenciled), designing and building, wiring, lugging about, adventures, pretty skirts dresses and fantastic hats,

 a worm taxi service, lots of splashing, watermelon, popsicles,

sliding, learning to climb the wiggly chain ladder the same day as a younger sister, forts, box trains, box houses, box forts, box hidey-holes, snuggling in boxes, reading books in boxes, coaxing the cat into boxes, and more meals than anyone without toddlers would think it's possible to make.

Even though the girls aren't in any kind of formal education program at home or elsewhere, we still feel the lazy long summer days and fill them to their fullest.

Wishing you deep enjoyment of these summer days.


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