Monday, April 25, 2016

Pigs and chicks - busy outside

This week we've been busy buying plants (but have little to no dirt at the house yet), visiting animals, playing with our own, and daydreaming about gardens.

We are so close to our average last frost date that it's hard to walk out of almost anywhere without a plant or two to make our new home and grounds alive with green and blooms. 

We visited some crazy spotted (and one striped) piglets.

We saw what 150 almost-two-month-old golden comet chicks look like.

Our new girls had their first field trip! Our first ones were a bit younger for theirs that was a couple months warmer into the year. Oh the jumping-and-flapping was glorious!

Sometimes it's hard to be little and watch your big sister do things. Especially when you just want to SQUEEZE them they're SO cute!! 

And we got to see a beloved great-aunt last minute and help make the whip cream.

There's some thing about how good moms let their kids lick the beaters. Great moms turn off the mixer first. 

Thank goodness for lovely weather, amazing animals, lovely visits, and getting our hands dirty.


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