Saturday, June 11, 2011

Twig Trellises and a Chick Field Trip


My mother's gardens have always inspired me and she has always encouraged me in my own experiences with gardening. Before I even started kindergarten I had a little circle garden at the side of the house. This led to my first prize petunias at the county fair. My luck with annuals coming back continues to this day!

More recently, my mother built some trellises for her raised beds out of sticks from their woods and I fell in love! We only have a tiny strip of land on our property that really gets much of any sun and so naturally this is where I placed my raised beds old and new.

To catch all the possible sun, I decided to build my own stick trellises to stand at the back of the beds. Thanks to my mum for the inspiration and the sticks!

I have pickling cucumbers (shown right), red morning glories, and small asian melons itching to climb.Perhaps another year I will try green beans and snap peas as well.

While I was building, the chicks got to take a field trip. After their initial fear of something new, they decided it was pretty great to be chicks and set about some serious chicken business.



  1. They look even better in person!

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  3. Nope.

    My luck, as I said, is with annuals coming back again. As perennials come back every year it would not take any luck.

  4. These trelli are pretty wonderful. Nice work! Love seeing the chicks outside in their mini pen, too.

  5. These are so great! I would love to try something similar, how is it all connected? What's holding the twigs together? Thanks!

    1. The easiest way is using "self drilling" screws (or decking screws in a pinch) as they won't split the branches. It's also possible to use twine/string and tie each junction, but I opted for the screws. They're not hard to find and should be available in any hardware store.

      Thanks for visiting!