Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy Candlemas/Imbolc - and floating Walnut Candle Boats tutorial


Happy Imbolc/Candlemas. 

According to Wikipedia: "Imbolc or Imbolg (pronounced i-molg), also called (Saint) Brigid's Day ... is a Gaelic festival marking the beginning of spring. Most commonly it is held on 1 February, or about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.

...Imbolc is mentioned in some of the earliest Irish literature and there is evidence it has been an important date since ancient times. ...The holiday was a festival of the hearth and home, and a celebration of the lengthening days and the early signs of spring. Celebrations often involved hearthfires, special foods, divination or watching for omens, candles or a bonfire if the weather permitted.[1][17] Fire and purification were an important part of the festival. The lighting of candles and fires represented the return of warmth and the increasing power of the Sun over the coming months.[4] A spring cleaning was also customary.[18]"

One after noon last week when both girls napped and inspired by the book All Year Round


I made Walnut Candle Boats. Here is how I did it.

Crack walnuts in half and pick out the nutmeat and papery bits from inside.

fill shell half with wax a push a cake candle down into the bottom.

After a few seconds the wax at the bottom will have cooled enough to lift. Float the walnut boat in water while the wax is still hot and adjust the candle as necessary so that the boat floats upright. 

As the wax cools you may need to pour a little more wax to fill in the well in the walnut shell.

Marvelous, magical, and a fun way to add more light to the quickening of spring. (Pun intended.)

We will lit ours at bedtime tonight as the sky was darkening. Wishing you love as the light returns.

If Candlemas day be fair and bright, Winter will have another flight.
If Candlemas day be shower and rain, Winter is gone and will not come again. (Traditional)


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  1. A while after I ordered more nut picks, I found my nutcracker and nut picks in the drawer! Now I have plenty!