Monday, January 25, 2016

What's Working Well Right Now - January, 2016


NEW FEATURE! Occasionally, I'll post some things that are working really well. The similar post I did in July is one of the all time most popular posts on this site.

It's almost February, one of my hardest months of the year. The winter is no longer fresh, it starts to feel dingy instead of crisp. Even though the dark months are coming to an end, I'm weary of them.

Here are a list of things that are going really well this week:

I'm finally getting some admin stuff together! 

If you look on the left hand column of the blog, you may notice a few changes - you can now subscribe to my blog through email, and more easily into your feed reader. 

If you read this blog on facebook, you may be missing posts! Sign up and make sure you get every single one

Love and support from nearby grandparents - I got to go and get my hair cut for the first time since April. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! 

Taking care of each other. The dog drew the line at putting his head on the pillow, otherwise he didn't mind some extra attention.

Sunlight streaming through the Amaryllis.

I want to sit next to my sister!

And Soup! 

Apparently, both the girls love Amy's Split Pea Soup We now have LOTS. Cold days just call for soup sometimes.  And like bribing children with vegetables, I do so enjoy obliging to demands for perfectly healthy food.


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