Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cutest Cowl, commissioned painting, and a bit of color - WIP Wednesday, January 20th, 2016


Creating is my passion, my sanity, my sense of being "up to something", my way of contributing a little bit. I always have a few projects going, many left to the side for months or even years before I pick up the best and carry on. Here's some of what I'm working on this week:

Someone has very much been wanting a cowl. After watching her sister and me wear ours, she's taken to trying them on. They fall over her shoulders and she can kind of get them to stay around her hips where they hang below her knees. There's something so satisfying about tiny knits.

I've received a commission for a new painting! I'm so excited! Plus this week is the first time I've painted since the last time we saw our beloved babysitter at our old house in early August. Phew!

The poor lighting makes it look really yellow, but I'm finally putting paint on the walls in the bathroom! Progress, not perfection. 

What are you working on? What are you excited about attempting? What are you proud to be working on? Take a picture or two and share it with the rest of us by leaving your link in the comments.

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