Thursday, July 11, 2019

Cooking On The Grill - Keep the heat outside!


Stir-fried vegetables, scrambled eggs, and reheating roast goose

I don't know about you but when it's over 75f degrees in the house I don't want to turn on the oven or the stove-top to cook anything. 

Gas grills are good for much more than grilling. They are essentially gas ranges, or a gas oven without the top heating element. You can cook a wide variety of things without heating up the house. You can use any oven-safe and shatter proof pan - baking sheets and cast iron work great!

Mini tacos, mini croissants, and eggplant bruchetta (on the top rack)

 Over the last few weeks I've been making good use of our outdoor "kitchen" and haven't even used the extra side burner yet. A few times I remembered to snap a couple of awkward photographs. Not pictured zucchini, bacon wrapped scallops, pineapple, steak, stew, burgers, and portobello mushrooms.

Spanakopita (on the top rack) and
barramundi with vidalia onions and capers 

 The grill heats up more quickly than the oven, keeps the heat outside, and is fairly adjustable - even with our middle burner being out of commission. Our top rack cooks like an oven while directly on the grill works more like stovetop burners. And in our case, our grill is many years newer than our range and so seems to cook more evenly. 

What are your tips and tricks for cooking in the heat? 

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