Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tucking things in for Spring


As the days grow shorter and we slowly put the gardens to rest for the winter, I always love tucking new bulbs into the ground and a little extra care for the ones I've put in before.

Dreaming of the bright colors and the relief of spring brings joy to these cold, bitter, wet fall days.

Somehow, even parenting solo, we seem to make progress on some larger project or another.

To make a good place for some new bulbs, we finished setting in the stumps along the side of the garage - a project I started six months ago. Every little bit of magic we work on this place, even in the littlest of corners, helps to make it come alive.

To add to the dutch tulips from my darling, irises from a generous neighbor, a few other purchases and gifts, we added purple/pink crocuses, white tulips, and grape hyacinths to the front edge. It's going to be a delight in the spring!

Sometimes, after filling what's empty, you need to empty what's full. A friend lost an earring at our house and asked me to look in the couch. I didn't find the earring there, but I did find some other things. 

And finally, something I could watch all day:


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