Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Popcorn Beauty and EcoJarz Giveaway Winner!

White, yellow, strawberry, and mauve popcorn.

This fall we got some local strawberry popcorn on its cob. For those with microwaves you can put the cob in a paper bag and pop it right off the cob. For those of us purposefully without, it requires taking the kernels off the cobs.

Strawberry and mauve popcorn.

We finally did. Looking at all the different colors we have is so lovely! I know that once they're popped the difference in the color really fades to different shades of creamy white. I also love that on some of the heirloom/more colorful varieties, after popping there is very little of the kernel shell (unlike modern yellow popcorn) to get stuck in your gums.

And finally announcing our EcoJarz Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Jessica C from Illinois!

I asked Jessica to tell me a little about herself. In her own words: 

My name is Jessica, I live in Illinois, and am just getting started on my eco/low waste journey. It started as a way to cut back our spending, but the more I learn the more I understand just how good and necessary it is for the earth, and hope to teach my two children to continue it throughout their lives.

She should receive her prize any day (if she hasn't already) and I hope she updates us on her new treasures!

Thanks everyone for participating and showing up here! I've got sauerkraut fermenting and will test out another couple of recipes and give a full review after the new year.

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