Monday, June 27, 2016

Busy washing EVERYTHING.


Thank you to a very dear cousin, we have a working washing machine. 

Almost two months ago our washer broke. We called the repair guy (knowing there was a diagnostic fee) and were told it was a faulty drain pump. We decided not to pay the more than $350 to have him replace it. 

Three orders from three different companies later, we had the part in hand. 

A little more than a week later, one of my very favorite cousins arrived with another of my very favorite cousins (who played with the girls ALL day) and put in the part. 

Turns out it wasn't the only thing not functioning, but at least now we can wash on hot. 

Doing laundry by hand (foot?) or borrowing the washers of relatives during our visits there meant we only did the absolutely necessary laundry. 

We didn't wash the bathroom rug. Turns out it actually still is a creamy white color. :) Who knew? 

So happy to be back in the clean laundry business.


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