Monday, June 20, 2016

10 Reasons My Husband is a Great Dad.


Because my husband was out of town yesterday, we celebrated Father's Day together on Saturday. 

To further honor how lucky we ladies are to have such a wonderful fellow, here are 

10 reasons my husband is a wonderful father.

1.) He reads to them
And reads and reads and reads and yes, he'll read THAT book again. For the millionth time.

2.) He juggles career, military, and home life.
And still always makes time for his girls.

3.) He loves trying new things.
And is willing to be silly in front of them.

4.) He apologizes.
He's not afraid to suck it up, have real conversations, even (especially?) where he didn't handle it the best he could. 

5.) He wants to make sure our girls can be whoever they are. 
Whatever that looks like. One of our girls really likes trucks. The other really likes fixing things with tools. They've each gone through phases of pants and phases of dresses, and they're only toddlers.

6.) He makes sure to have special time with each of them.
Father-daughter dates, shoulder rides, private jokes, and favorite games. He's a pro.

7.) He shares his passions with them.
It's all to easy too push aside, but he teaches them, shows them, explains, and finds ways for them to participate.

8.) He has snuggles when I have so completely and thoroughly run out. 

9.) He loves their mother (me!!) 
Not only does he treat them as well as he hopes a future partner will, he treats me well in full view, because he loves me so much.

10.) He loves them ever so much.

He will turn back without hesitation or smirk, in a crowd, to go pick up the crumpled clover flower that a certain one year old has been carrying for the last half mile but dropped and sadly yelled "FOWER! FOWER!" Reuniting his girl with her treasure.

He tells them they're beautiful. He listens to them. And he does everything he can to do well by these amazing girls of ours. And that, among other things, makes for a pretty darned good dad.

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  1. Well, especially THAT book: it's one of the greatest picture books every written!
    On top of that, I want to say:
    YAY, JOE! You rock! Thanks for being YOU!