Monday, May 2, 2016

This Week In The Garden - May 2nd, 2016

We had an incredibly full and productive week and weekend. 
While it rained we painted the upstairs ceiling, and when it wasn't raining we planted and planned.

Our violets are so happy!

These are ones we brought with us, not knowings we would have violets aplenty here. We can never have too many for my sake. We counted twenty-seven blooms and buds on one!

The bulb garden we put in last fall is giving us constant beauty, the croci well finished, the grape hyacinths in full show, tulips and allium on the way. The heucheras recovering from the move are starting to add their color. 

The new crescent bed holds reds and pinks (with purples working on their blossoms) that just couldn't be left behind at the hardware store (I can stop any time, really...?) 

From the feed store I got purple passion asparagus and finally dug an asparagus bed.

Without true "full sun" this may be daydreaming but, as we're here to stay, what better way to find out than to try!

And finally, the genuine dutch tulip bulbs are starting to show off their painterly colors. And no, C isn't picking all of them as threatened. There are enough violets and dandelylions to satisfy even her penchant for picking.

I let my husband use the coupon I had for the Hadley Garden Center and we came home home with two grape vines, mulch, and composted manure. We got two posts installed before the rain started down in earnest. Another day we will attach cross bars and wires to do a proper grape vine trellis. 

We pulled some glorious huge pieces of bark off a tree felled, cut, and cleared then added them to the roof of C's house. We pulled many many vines out of the trees and added them to the pile of our burgeoning hugelkultur.

And green! We have some grass on our "lawn"! 

The previous owners were very vehicularly-minded. After viewing the place for the first time we really had no idea what the lay of the land was like in front of the house because of the number of vehicles (cars, trucks, boats, trailers, rv, etc. Yes, plural.) It seems like their version of yard work was to add more gravel. 

It's funny to think how these little bursts of grass must have meant something so different to them than to us. 

For me, it's promise of green and growth, it's hope of life.

Here's to plants! 


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    1. Joe got one of the felled pine trees chopped up and back over the fence, so another weekend he'll halve them vertically so we can do some new garden beds on the front "lawn" :) SO excited!