Wednesday, November 18, 2015

WIP Wednesday - November 18th, 2015


Creating is my passion, my sanity, my sense of being "up to something", my way of contributing a little bit. I always have a few projects going, many left to the side for months or even years before I pick up the best and carry on. Here's some of what I'm working on this week.

This week I managed to squeeze in a few minutes of knitting here and there almost every day. During our move we had a week between houses. We spent that time with some beloved family in New Hampshire. The week happened to fall over the shift in the seasons. Coupled with being three zones colder than our old home, I scrambled to make hats for the girls. Our winter box was buried in the back of our storage unit.

This final hat that I started for myself has been calling to me. Yarn and needles are so comforting and familiar to me. I learned to knit in first grade and my heart sings each time I help someone else learn or help them over a stumble in their work.

While the grounds of our new house are still strange and new, we are getting acquainted day by day. C and I put together a couple of garden beds the first week we moved in. We planted them the second, and the trees covered them with leaves as we went. 

We are doing the last of the ground work before winter sets in. This package of bulbs, a present brought from my husband's trip to Germany, will be the last to go in the ground. There will be raking, smoothing, and any number of things done with sticks. But the ground, and our outdoor plans, will rest until the spring.

What are you working on? What are you excited about attempting? What are you proud to be working on? Take a picture or two and share it with the rest of us by leaving your link in the comments.



  1. It's not so tangible, but I'm making a free tool to computer interface designers quickly sketch and show their ideas for how things should look.

    It's not finished yet, but you can already do some stuff:

    1. so cool! I had to wait until I could get to computer to try. Makes me want to color it in. :)