Thursday, March 14, 2013

Signs of spring - croci (or crocuses if you prefer)


With Blizzards followed by balmy days preceding days of "wintry mix" it has been hard to tell what season it actually is. These past few days have brought new evidence! We are turning the corner into spring.

I have always loved bulbs. Seldom has a year gone by where I didn't force at least a few. They wait on windowsills as little promises of spring that get me through the winter.

We bought our house in the midst of winter and to my delight we had many flowers throughout the lawn come spring. Since then I have tucked at least a few more bulbs into the ground each fall and daydream of their blooms in the darkest winter days.

A few days ago we were blessed with the first blooms - our croci are trumpeting, heralding the coming of spring!


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