Monday, March 25, 2013

Paleo Popovers (grain free) - part 2 - individual popovers


As promised, I decided to try my popover recipe using muffin tins (instead of a baking pan) and it turned out even easier than I'd expected.

I used the same amounts of all ingredients and split them up into the twelve muffin compartments. If you're using butter it's quite easy to cut each tablespoon of butter into quarters which equals 3/4 teaspoon (three tablespoons divided twelve ways) per popover.

Plus it looks cool. 

The butter melts much quicker so pay close attention. Notice the brown flecks in the photo below as they came out of the oven.

In our oven at 400f these took about 25 minutes. 

After cooling they get a little shorter.

Advantages of individual popovers: Using a dozen eggs means that each popover is one egg and that nifty well in the center is perfect for jam!

Disadvantages: it takes a bit longer prep time, you have to pay closer attention and I find muffin tins take longer to clean than a baking pan.

Overall they are delicious whichever way they are cooked.

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  1. Jackie and I were just talking about this. I said there had to be a way of doing no-gluten popovers and here you are!