Sunday, May 1, 2011

HappyBunny Pincushion


Over the past few weeks I've starting doing a bit more sewing again and found myself frustrated with my pincushion. I'd been coveting a wonderful little number I found on etsy but couldn't justify the expense to replace something I already have. Then it dawned on me. I could sew my own! (Gasp!)

Among the plethora of different patterns I quickly found online was a lovely tutorial for the exact same kind of pincushion I had been eying!  A few quick minutes later and I was all set!

I used fabric from my stash, stuffed it with wool from my stepfather's flock, and held together with two vintage buttons that were a present from my brother and his lovely lady.



  1. Cute!

    I'm so glad you're using those buttons. Too many people would have kept them in the jar as a dust collector.

  2. I did dump them out to find the RIGHT two... you can't see it real well from the picture but they're actually different colors - ivory and peach - to match the fabrics :D

  3. Myrrh,
    This is pretty wonderful.
    Your mother with a dusty jar of old buttons.