Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kitchen Curtains - something worth a blog post


A month and a half? Really? Time sure does slip by when you've got no time to breathe or think or do much of anything fun.

 This past weekend I not only got a bit of a breather, I had wonderful incentive to jump-start a few projects - we had a bunch of family over for an eastery/spring celebration.

Amidst the rearranging and cleaning, I managed to reorganize our kitchen shelves and remove some rather large unused things - the purging continues! To hide some of the less beautiful kitchen necessities, I turned a fat quarter of earthy polka-dot fabric and some leftover muslin into these curtains. 

With each new touch our home and life feel more and more happily-ever-after and I feel more and more at home.


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  1. “While the polka is pass√©, the polka-dot is here to stay …”