Tuesday, March 1, 2022

"Unfinished Business" is part of the Virtual Exhibition at Hosmer Gallery!

 Just popping in to tell you that "Unfinished Business" Is on display as part of the Virtual Exhibition "Home" from Hosmer Gallery at Forbes Library! 

Here's a photo from when the piece was up in the Janotta Gallery at Smith College - click through to the Hosman Gallery exhibition at the link above for a better photo! 

I'm so excited! 

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  1. Congrats! It's wonderful that you are sharing your work with a wider audience. Such a lovely piece that we can so easily connect with — who doesn't have a lot of unfinished business? We're always making decisions about what is most important. Washing dishes or cuddling with a young daughter? Laundry or time to sit and breathe deeply? On it goes, everyday. Thank you Myrrh for sharing your work and a deeper reverence for our lives.