Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Recharging after Burnout - 10 mindset mantras and hacks to help give yourself a boost

 Burnout And What To Do About It.

10 Mindset Hacks and Mantras to Help Pick Yourself Back Up

I’ve been absent from the space for a couple of weeks because I’ve been a bit burnt out. 

I’m sure you've felt like this at some points too. Life sometimes just asks for more than you think you have to give. 

Healthy boundaries are always a good idea and learning to say no is vital, and sometimes we still find ourselves in the deep end, in the fast currents, or getting caught by a bigger wave than we expected. 

All of us have many things that shape our lives that are well outside our control. 

Thankfully we all also have a say in what we think about things. 

What we think shapes how we react to the events of our lives and determines whether or not we make the best of any situation. When life asks more of us, it's time to level up, time to grow stronger and become more capable. 

10 Mindset Hacks and Mantras to give yourself a boost.

Here are 10 mindset mantras and hacks that I use to help me turn my thoughts around and set myself up to grow into being able to handle the challenges that come my way.

1.) I am a woman who figures it out.

After fillin in your appropriate noun, telling yourself you're the kind of person who figures it out gives your brain a direction to focus. How we think of ourselves shapes how we see the world and how we see ourselves and the world determines our own experiences. 

2.) Whether or not I wanted it to happen, I decide what effect it will have on me

The facts of any situation have less to do with our experiences and how we feel than our thoughts about it. Rather than giving our power away by blaming the circumstances, we can reclaim our ability to steer our minds and focus on where we do have a say.

3.) Feeling stuck = negative emotions without a solution.

If you're feeling stuck, it's because you're feeling negatively and as though there's no solution. 

If you focus on finding a way forward, up, or out, even if it's just a baby step in that direction, you'll be surprised at what you're able to come up with. Reminding your brain of .1) helps too! 

4.) Steer Into The Skid 

It's tempting to try to separate ourselves from any kind of struggle, and sometimes walking away is a viable solution. However, in the midst of a skid, you cna't avoid it. The more momentum you have, the harder it is to stop. 

My girls and I have conversations about runaway truck ramps. Once that truck is barreling down the hill, it can't stop, it can either just hold on for the ride or it can turn off onto a ramp. 

When you're in the thick of it, lean in. You've been assigned this mountain to show that it can be moved. 


5.) How would "future me" handle this? 

So, there's you now, there's the you that couldn't do even a fraction of what you handle now, and then there's "future you" who's already moved through this. 

From the future perspective of someone who knows that this turns out just fine and has much different and sometimes bigger fish to fry, what's the best way to work through this challenge? 

6.) In order to achieve better things I have to show up in better ways

Level 1 problems require level 1 solutions. If you want to get better results than you've been getting, (such as not getting burnt out... ;) ) you've got to dig a little deeper and show up in better ways.

It's not always about working harder, sometimes it's about working smarter.

7.) Time to level up buttercup.

You've probably heard the analogy of life as a spiral - it's not a circle because when we come back around we're in a slightly different place. Problems keep showing up in our lives until we learn from them. 

Every relationship I've ever had has taught me things I love, things I would do differently, strengths of mine, and places I want to do better. 

Taking a video game analogy, each level has a series of challenges and then a "big boss" or an extra hard challenge, a test you have to pass in order to get to the next level.

Maybe this challenge is your boss fight and winning gives you a whole new set of tools, a few extra hearts, and a new world to explore.

8.) Stop trying to "fix" things and start appreciating them.

If you're thinking like a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. If you're looking for problems and what's wrong and really digging deep into why things suck, you're going to find a lot of evidence.

If you look for things to appreciate, things that you've done well, what's going perfectly, you'll find those too. 

When moving forward in your life you can be looking backward and moving away from what you don't want or you can turn around and look forward and appreciate what's gotten you this far.

Which one feels better? 

9.) hmmm... I think this needs a little more magic, don't you? 

My life is magical. Now, a lot of why my life is magical is that I add a lot of magic to it. Glow in the dark stars on the girls' bedroom ceiling? You bet. Add a little magic? Hanging wooden stars with glow stars on them swinging from the ceiling? Heck yeah! 

Plain water, yep. Plain water with a few thin slices of apple, a  few frozen raspberries, a slice of cucumber and some mint leaves in a beautiful glass? 


It's also fun to play the chocolate-fairy who randomly (and energetically) delivers little chocolate treats for no reason other than magic. 

What kind of magic do you have at your house? 

10.) What am I grateful for about this situation?

Similar to 8.), focusing on what this experience is showing you can help you shift your thinking and your experience. 

Asking better questions leads to better answers.

What can I do better next time to grow from this situation? 

What's the best use of my time right now? 

What can I do in this moment that I will be proud of later? 

What did I do particularly well? 


Everyone's life ebbs and flows and the moments of darkness, of contrast, are the ones that strengthen us, teach us, and help us to appreciate the brighter days ahead. 

What are your strategies for picking yourself up in low times? 


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