Friday, August 28, 2020

4th Annual Daddy Princess Cake - This time it's Boston Cream Pie flavored! 2020


Daddy can have a princess cake every year if he wants to. 

It turns out we've been making Daddy a princess cake for his birthday for four years. 
(Links to all the other years will be a the bottom. )

This year, we decided to up the ante and attempt to combine another of Daddy's favorite birthday treats, Boston Cream Pie with his now traditional Princessa Torte. 

Instead of the usual jam layer(s), I made a dairy-free chocolate ganache using unsweetened chocolate, maple sugar, and coconut milk. 

For the heavy cream dome, I made coconut milk chocolate mousse which turned out fantastic! 

The cake is a naturally sweetened almond flour cake mix (gluten-free).

Once again I didn't make my own marzipan. Some day, but not this year. There's enough going on.

Happy birthday, darling. 

We love you so!

Maybe next year I'll figure out a Pineapple-Upsidedown Princess Cake or a Pistachio Princess Cake and then round out our collection of combinations of Daddy's Favorite Cakes the following year. 

Here's to many more!

The other years of Daddy Princess Cakes:

2018  - We did it again! Blackberry Conserve (seedless jam) 

2019 - Just a photo in the middle,  almost full paleo (almond flour cake, non-dairy, with fruit-sweetened strawberry jam, naturally sweetened except for boughten marzipan.) 

Four Daddy Princess Cakes deserve their own label. Find them all here

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