Friday, November 30, 2018

November Recap - 2018 - already?


Really? November is over already? 

We've had some real happenings at home. SOMEbody lost her first tooth, and somebody else finished her first diaper-less month! Oh the laundry we don't have to do!

I've been enjoying taking video B-roll for our business. It's like stock images but video. Turns out it's really fun! It's also something that really benefits from all the lovely adventures we have. 

We've had some beautiful (although cold) weather, and a marvelous trip to see family in Maine for Thanksgiving. 

I totally won the mom award by making two of these out of cooking twine and toothpicks. 

We found out that HandsomeJoe gets to go to Africa a few times in the next five months and our newest hens have really started to lay. 

The semester is in the final sprint-to-the-finish and then I'm off to Smith College. Eeeee!

How was your November? 


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