Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Frederick J. Fosher, Aug. 28, 1932 - July 31, 2017.

Yesterday we interred the ashes of my grandfather, who passed two weeks prior. 

My head is swimming full of half-formed sentences of what to say about this beloved grandfather, great-grandfather, husband, father, and friend.

Instead I find that words have left me and the tears have come. 

 In preparing to write this post I found myself reading through the poems of William Meredith, who was his colleague and dear family friend.

Where my words have failed me, his poetry prevails.

A Major Work
by William Meredith

Poems are hard to read 
Pictures are hard to see 
Music is hard to hear 
And people are hard to love

But whether from brute need 
Or divine energy 
At last mind eye and ear 
And the great sloth heart will move.

With more love and than you ever knew, and more gratitude than we could ever express.


  1. I am so sorry Myrrh, and am sending my love

  2. This so beautiful.
    Thank you for putting this together so tenderly.
    And the heart moves.