Monday, May 8, 2017

Cardinals in the Stick House

Anyone who has been to our house has seen our stick house. 

Big enough for most adults to stand up inside (although you'll have to crouch to get in.

We've been watching a pair of cardinals working around there picking out just the right pine needles for a nest. More and more often I would see them fly in through the branches and then not fly away.

There's a red fellow on the back left garden bed in the photo below and the side of the stick house at the right.

Without invading their space, we tried to see if there were any nests.

A couple days ago C pointed it out to me - for whom a clear view was blocked by sprays of pine needles.

Today I grabbed my camera and headed over while the pair of parents were busy at the suet feeder.

A couple of quick photos revealed two baby cardinals in their cozy nest. 

What hunger to feed! 

No wonder we see their parents back and forth from the feeder all day long.

Cardinals, you are most welcome to use our stick house as long as you need!

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