Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Saying Yes - What's Working Really Well Right Now


I get it, I also have a to-do list a mile long. 

There's laundry piled everywhere in various states of cleanliness. There's flotsam and jetsam from art projects. The big ak-mak box (say that five times fast) and others that are a car/boat/house/present/fort/suitcase/rocketship/safe-from-lava are strewn about. The dishwasher is ready to be unloaded and refilled. There dried noodles on the floor of porch from a lovely dinner eaten out of doors while we still can. That's just what I can see from here.

I even get tired of hearing myself grump and stress and say no in all kinds of ways. Many days I feel like I can barely breathe under the load of work and responsibilities that are my lot at present. As with many a parent of young children, I often feel as though I've lost myself. All that's left is a wiper of bottoms, a personal servant, a house-keeper, with nary a piece of clothing worn for even five minutes without someone else's boogers or who knows what on it.

When these sticky, sometimes dreadfully behaved, buckets-of-need come to me during a minute I've tried to eke out for my own sanity with yet another completely NOT necessary request, I'm not always at my best. 

Turns out that when you say "Yes!" anyway, magical things happen. 

Yes, I will rubber band the back of my dresses so that they fit you and you can dance together in them like very fancy ladies. 

Yes, we can have a picnic in the new big stick house. I can't seem to find the picture of our little stick house at the old house. It's marvelous to have one again. 

Yes, you can peek at the beautiful bride getting her hair done.

Yes, we can stop here (mostly blocking the aisle) so you can sit and watch the lobstahs.

Yes you can play with soap and bubbles in the sink, and yes, have more soap. I will even give you straws so you can blow SO many bubbles in the water.

Yes, you can put on your "beebeesuit" - even on a brisk (almost) fall day (not pictured here). 

Yes, we can all have our own straws in the horchata

Yes, I can take a break and have a tea party. 

Put down your work. Really look at them, SEE them, say "YES!" - they will remind you who you are. You are marvelous. 

1 comment:

  1. You are indeed, marvelous.
    And YES, Mama is beautiful, too.
    Not to mention creative, patient, caring, loving, insightful, and the best mother those two little treasures could ever have.
    You are triple blessed: loved, loving, and beloved.
    And I love you, too.
    Just the way you are.