Monday, March 23, 2015

It's really fun to be Two


While it's been a few years since I myself was two, it's great fun to watch our girl fully embrace being two. 

It comes with it's challenges for sure, but gosh, there's a lot of fun in there too.

We've got some potentially big changes coming up and having a little sister in the first year of her life, it's good to slow down and enjoy the little things like puddles,

sharing blueberries with bear,

and sledding on a box top with daddy.

She keeps me on my toes this one, and dares me to be a better person daily. But also shows me that sometimes eating Os under the couch cushions is way more important than folding laundry, or following up on something or another. 

Through all the joyful and "learning" days, they're only two for a year.


1 comment:

  1. She's lucky to be allowed to be fully two. Thank you. I know it's not always easy on you, or her, but keeping open to the beauty and wonder of it, as you do, keep things in balance. Thanks for sharing this. Love.