Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sing For Your Supper - Fourth Annual party prep


I can't seem to find any of my posts on the subject although I would have sworn I'd mentioned it before. I'd actually planned to publish this post a couple of weeks ago but apparently I never did. 

About five years ago, I read a post from a blog I then followed. I haven't been able to find the post again and wonder if it's been taken down. In the post was an idea I loved so well that we've made it into our own tradition.

A Sing For Your Supper party.  

We make soup and bread and invite our friends and family to a candle-lit evening of singing.

While I liked the idea when I first read about it, I love how it actually turns out. Each year has minor differences but are absolutely magical! The party has become an anchor of our year and something I begin to anticipate the moment the last one comes to a close.

It seems to fill a gap that many of us feel - community, homemade music, good hearty food, and a sense of belonging together. 

Our own party preparations begin months before the party. We collect onion and celery ends for vegetable broth, melt beeswax for candles, dust off the extra chairs, warm up our vocal chords and get ready to celebrate the light of being together.


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