Saturday, October 4, 2014

Love for the Milo

A is now a month old. (A month? Already?) The postpartum fog has lifted, we're getting a little more sleep. C has stopped asking us to put "baby back in" and started getting upset if her sister isn't with us at times when she usually is.

I've also gotten to do a little knitting. Finally.

A year ago, I knitted two sleeveless sweaters for C. 

Two sweaters, different yarn weights, both with the owl pattern down the left side. C has just recent stopped hoo-hooting and pointing to her belly when anyone mentions a sweater.

While she's actually lost a pound or two since then, she's grown several inches. She's gone from a chunk-toddler to a slim and graceful little girl.  She needed a sweater that went below her belly button. 

This pattern, the Milo, is a dream to work with and easy to customize. I look forward to knitting Milo sweaters for them as they grow. Perhaps they won't all have owls, but for now, we're cozy and warm in these simple little sweaters.

See my brief Ravelry notes here.

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