Thursday, August 29, 2013

Introducing Wee Willow Catkin


Inspired by this doll and its poem that reminded me of a similar poem, and sewn with a materials kit from this shop, I made C's first doll. 

As a crafter, I always hope that the recipient will like my creation, but as a mama I was trying to keep that hope in check. I wanted C to be free to play with a doll (or not) as she chose, without pressure from me. I cannot tell you how my heart began to sing when she couldn't keep her eyes away as soon as I'd sewn on the eyes, before hair, before a body. Now that I've finished, Willow is well loved, and C smiles when she sees her.

I can recall a poem in English about "Wee Willow Catkin" from my childhood and remember vivid images of the catkins (also knowns as pussywillows) that played through my head. I cannot for the life of me remember more, or even enough to find it. It may have been a proper translation of the German poem but the rough online translation didn't ring enough bells for me to be sure.


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