Saturday, July 9, 2011

Painting the Livingroom - Another pre-party project


One of my big goals for the summer break from school was to paint my living room.
All the other rooms in the living space of our house have gotten some attention. Our living room however had been sadly neglected, even though it's one of the most used rooms.

Taking inspiration from several memorable rooms my mother has painted over the years as well as the traditional lazure-style painting of my waldorf school classrooms, I decided to experiment. 

I am so thrilled with the result. It is so delightful to be drawn to a room and have one of our main environments be an inspiration rather than merely ignore it mumble about its neglect.



  1. From first-hand experience, I can say that it looks terrific!

  2. The picture looking into the dining room is wonderful. The colors of the wall and then back to that umbrella painting looks like it came straight from some fancy home decorating magazine. (Of course, the stylist would have ditched the DVD rack...) You have done an amazing job.

  3. now why didn't i think of that? :)

    and thanks.