Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Earl Grey Ice Cream - mmmm!


A few years ago I had Earl Grey ice cream and have been in deep smit ever since. It has also been a few years since I've seen it again. Then I had a brilliant idea: I make things. I could make my own!


1qt half and half (4c, use whole milk if you don't want it as rich)
4 egg yolks (egg whites are excellent for making meringues)
1/3c sugar (I used an unrefined but use what you have)
2t vanilla extract (I used my homemade)
4 Earl Grey Teabags


1.) Heat half and half with the teabags slowly in a saucepan to the scalding point (just prior to boiling) and turn burner off.

2.) Allow to steep/cool for about 20 minutes.

While you're waiting is a perfect time to make meringues! For the 4 egg whites I used 2T maple sugar and 1t vanilla extract. It's also good to have someone to lick out the bowl for you (optional).

3.) In a separate (clean) bowl mix yolks, sugar and vanilla.

4.) When the milk tea has steeped whisk it slowly into the egg yolk mixture, slowly bringing the egg yolks up to temperature. You want to blend the egg yolks without cooking them.

5.) Return blended mixture to saucepan and cook on a medium low temp until it starts to thicken which is a few minutes.

6.) Cool completely - I allowed it to cool on the counter and then left it in the fridge overnight.

7.) Use Ice Cream Maker per manufacturer instructions.

 8.) Serve and enjoy!



  1. I'd like one order of Earl of Ice Cream and two, no, make that three meringues. Thanks.