Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lighting the darkness - ice lanterns


Shorter days and longer nights make me long for sunshine. On precious sunny days I find myself rotating with the sunny spots to take advantage of the warmth and light.

In the evenings we have candle-lit suppers and softly-lit quiet evenings, when we are blessed to have time at home. We are finding our own rhythm and it is wonderful to get to be together.

Many cultures have solstice celebrations and festivals of light, mirroring the internal light I can feel brightening within myself.  I want to insulate myself from the world, curl up within and prepare for new beginnings to come.

 Inspired by another blogger, on Christmas eve-eve we made our own ice lanterns.

These simple creations were a joy to make and were overwhelmingly beautiful. This year I have been craving traditions of our own. I hope that these will become a yearly source of joy and beauty to help us light our way through the darkness.


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  1. I am loving the welcoming of the light once again....this is the first year I have really embraced this. It made the season mean so much more to your photos, too:) xoox