Monday, September 13, 2010

Why Yes! That IS a grocery bag of nectarines.

If a girl who loves canning could have a guy who was AMAZING at finding large quantities of great produce, she would have nothing on me. 

In addition to the two large boxes of canner tomatoes for $5 a few weeks ago, my husband managed to score us half a grocery bag of bosc pears for $6 and 7/8ths of a grocery bag of nectarines for $8, in addition to peaches, concord grapes, and cider and cider donuts. I love fall!

It turns out, to our delight, nectarines are merely a cultivar of peaches and not a separate fruit altogether.  The smooth-skin gene merely is recessive and so they're treated as special because they're more rare.

Turning to my favorite canning book at home, the index merely says "see peaches." One minor difference is that because the skin is smooth and so much thinner (which does make them bruise more easily) they don't have to be removed before canning! I discovered this delightful tidbit and am so very excited to get canning. After class.

Makes going to class kind of annoying this morning. ;)



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