Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Zukenoodles and pesto


I have been daydreaming about a (hand-held) julienne slicer for some time now.

As many of you know, there are many things I don't eat - I have (almost entirely) been off dairy for over ten years, eat little to no refined sugar, soy, pork, etc and have been mostly off grains for over a year.

The answer to the missing pasta gap?

Zucchini pasta!

I give you zukenoodles!

Here they are raw on the counter, fresh from the julienne slicer peeler thingy. :)

In a pan, I sauteed some scallions in oil and tossed the zucchini right in. (Photo by Joe)

(photo also by Joe) After adding a good healthy portion of pesto (from my last little tub from Garlic and Arts last fall!) and simmering down the liquid we ate most delicious piles of zukenoodles with pesto!


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