Wednesday, October 21, 2009

cornucopia of goodnesses

Pumpkin festival, Burdicks, sleepover, long fall walks, getting cases of things, sleeping diagonally, an emailed photo from my man (smiling) and much more rounded out the weekend.

Since then I've primed/sealed 2/3 of the front fence, painted 1/3 (primer needs to be top-coated within 24 hours), made almond milk (SO easy), handmade skinless gyoza, moved back into the big bed so I could continue to sleep diagonally :D, and discovered that my dearest cousin Ben is moving to the area! In less than two weeks!!!

I'm sure I'm forgetting things. :) Oh! The weather! I painted outside without having to wear shoes! I've been wearing shoes for a couple of months because it's been so cold.

                                                   wahoo!! I adore fall!



  1. Where's Ben moving? When? If it's nearby, that's really good. (Maybe the rest of them will follow.)

  2. His new job is in South Windsor, so he can stay with me as long as he likes. :)