Saturday, July 25, 2009

holy crip - countdown to his departure

well with the business of everything I haven't managed to post!

My dearest darling Joanna got married! I had the privilege and the pleasure of being her maid of honor (matron really but that sounds... well... matronly) it was such a lovely affair! Such fun to meet so many people dear to her and her lovely husband.

Joe managed to defend our vacation time and so was able to take a little bit of time off before he heads back to the pre-deployment countdown. I'm so thankful we were able to escape to Surry to one of our favorite little getaways.

Now we're home and getting stuff done around the house to get everything in order for his departure, my trip to camp and (fingers crossed) our friend Diana who is moving in around the middle of next month.

At the moment we have the lovely Kara visiting Jake who just thinks it's the best thing ever to have a sleepover friend. They have a mutual annoy/enjoyment club going.

Even with the craziness I've had some time for crafting and I have to say it's wonderful to be busy making things again.


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