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February 13th - Your Favorite Spot - Myrrhmade Love Where You Are Challenge Day 13!

February 10th - Welcome to day 13 of the Myrrhmade Love Where You Are Challenge! 

Come on in and join us!

Day 13: Your Favorite Spot

While some people are clear on their own style, what they like, what they don't like etc. Many of us have struggled to find ways to shift or improve our situations. We get stuck in an "I don't know what I want but it isn't this" mindset. 

This kind of being stuck only creates more stuck-ness. 

In order to get unstuck, we need to ask ourselves better questions. 

Daily Challenge: Think about your favorite spot where you are.

Put on your positive pants and really think about it - check in with your senses:

How does this spot smell?

What is the quality of the light?

What are the colors and textures? 

I suppose you could taste it but that may be unnecessary. ;) 

What are the qualities of this favorite spot that you could bring to the less enjoyable areas of your home? 

Could you move a lamp or change some curtains? 

Do you have a chair or a bookcase that could be moved around? 

Could you move a plant there or get fresh flowers? I've gotten some of the prettiest and longest-lasting flours for less than $10 from the local grocery store.

How do you feel when you're in this space and how can you nurture this feeling in other places? 

There are some simple things you can do to make it easier to Love Where You Are.

Take note of the things that you love and you may be surprised at the basic, simple qualities that help you to feel better in that space than another. Different areas of our spaces have different functions and so some of these aspects change out of necessity. However, once we are aware of our own particular preferences, we can apply these to the spaces that would otherwise give us the most trouble.

Daily Mindset Mantra:  It doesn't always take much to make a big difference.

It could be as simple as hanging a piece of art, moving a bookcase, or changing a habitual pattern. 

Particularly if we're stuck in a pattern of confusion or overwhelm, taking a small action can make a noticeable difference. Even if we end up changing the detail back or changing it again, we are wired for progress.

Bonus task: Make a list of changes you'd like to make, set aside time to make those changes, and show up for ourselves. Planning doesn't make any difference without follow through.

My experience:

Our dishes live in a cupboard next to the sink and directly above the dishwasher. As a 5'2" person, I have a hard time reaching to put the dishes away when the dishwasher is open. 

I thought that moving the dishes to the cupboard on the opposite side of the sink would be a good solution. It turns out that it's not. Instead of having trouble reaching, there's the trouble of having more spaces where people are bumping into each other trying to use the sink, get things out of or put things in the dish drainer, etc. 

A couple months later, I moved them back. While where they are still isn't ideal, it's the best of the options here and now I'm happy they are where they are.

My favorite spot in our home is the downstairs bedroom - it's light, bright, airy, and I have no qualms about kicking the girls out and not having their toys underfoot. I can leave a project partially finished and not have it disturbed or have to move it for meal prep, school time, family meals, or any other projects but my own. 

While I can't bring more sunshine to the rest of the house, the lightness and calm is a quality I can cultivate. I can set my brain to solve the questions: what can I do to make the rest of the house more like that spot? 

Where is your favorite spot? 

Make sure to check back here tomorrow for the next challenge, the next tips, and the next dose of the Myrrhmade  Love Where You Are Challenge.

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