Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May Challenge 2017 - Off-Screen Reading


My friend Spartan came by this morning to do a walk-through before they start work on putting in ductless minisplits. That will replace our ancient propane furnace and let us do a whole avalanche of ensuing projects once we can shift things around.

We loved the mini split at our old house and were sad to leave it behind. 

While we chatted, he asked what this month's challenge is and I just sort of fumbled saying that with HandsomeJoe gone for a cumulative half of this month we hadn't really chosen one.

I'm here to remedy that.

May Off-Screen Reading Challenge

I'm going to read at least one chapter of a book, not on a screen, per day.

I read a lot of blog posts and newspaper articles on my laptop, and occasionally a handheld device.

I have a pile of paper books I'm partway through reading. I've started reading books that are part of  Oak Meadow's Pre-K homeschool curriculum. I have books on their way about cultivating mindfulness as a parent and in ones children. I've savored my through part of Alice Water's latest book. I am mining The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up for new ways of thinking, and have several books I'm excited to read but I won't even let myself borrow because I'm in the middle of too many.

As a family, I'm going to aim to do two read aloud sessions per day, on days when we are at home. We always read books at night before bed but often don't make it for a snuggle and read during the day.

Especially with the absence of Daddy, a bit of extra closeness and story time will do us all a bit of good. 


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