Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ladybug Play School


It's official. We've started Nursery/Pre-K Homeschooling.

While we've always done a lot of conscious teaching with our girls - real life skills such as food preparation, cleaning, building, gardening etc., we have officially entered the realm of formal homeschooling through Oak Meadow's Pre-K "curriculum."

My brother and I homeschooled for high school through Oak Meadow, so I was already familiar with their school. It was an obvious choice for our family - "learning can be joyfully integrated into life" fitting neatly into how we already live our lives.

Pulling out invasive exotics and exploring the wilderness at the back of our property.

I started talking with C about getting the materials and starting in the fall, a few months before she turns five. After she learned that I'd gotten them, she very carefully asked if we had to wait, or maybe, we could start now? Please?

What Pre-K looks like at our house so far:

We do a morning circle time a few mornings a week. We learn poems, recitations, finger plays (think, itsy-bitsy spider with the hand motions), sing songs, and connect. It took relatively little time for me to learn a few new things and it is so delightful to see C light up with sparkling eyes as we do them together. We later work them into our day as we go about our work and play.

At first I thought A simply wasn't into it as she fiddled and twisted around in my lap most of the time. But then, in the quiet moments as she is deeply involved in her own play, I hear entire poems and verses spoken softly to one little toy friend or another.

Kissing dragons. Because dragons need love too.


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  1. Lovely.
    Wishing you well on this amazing journey you've started on.