Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Bigger On The Inside - New Fridge from BuyNothing


For our March Decluttering Challenge we moved along countless things through our local BuyNothing group.

I scan the group regularly and very rarely even put in my name to be considered for anything being given away.

This last week however, someone was giving away their fridge because they were buying a newer larger one.

I measured the dimensions and it was the same as ours. Only newer and significantly more efficient. 

We put in our name and then a week later they drove it to our house in their van after getting their new one.

Turns out that fridges that aren't 20+ years old (date on back confirmed) have a lot more space inside.

With the exception of a slight curve on the handle, our new fridge looks identical from the outside, especially with all our magnets in the same places. 

I keep on being surprised by how roomy and clean our new fridge is - even the drawers are clear instead of white plastic. I'm not used to being surprised my my fridge. 

Thanks Shawn (and family) from BuyNothing!


  1. Wondering if this is a Narnia or Doctor Who brand fridge?