Saturday, October 29, 2016

Waxed Leaves - SaturDIY October 29th, 2016


Beeswax Dipped Fall Leaves.

In the midst of preserving the harvest, we took a break to preserve some of the stunning colors.

Our maple trees have been in glorious color and full display.

One way of preserving the color of fall leaves is to dip them in beeswax, this seals in moisture and the beautiful colors so that they turn to brown much more slowly. 


Melted beeswax, clean and dry fresh fall leaves, and baking parchment paper.


1.) Melt the wax.

I have an old olive oil can I use to melt wax.

2.) Slowly dip the leave into the wax. You want to leave the leaf submerged in the wax (while holding on to the stem) just long enough for the leaf to warm but not long enough that it starts to cook.

3.) Slowly remove the leaf and carefully wipe any excess wax on the edge of the wax can so that it drips back in.

4.) Lay on parchment.

5.) After a couple seconds you can use your hands to press the leaves flat. Beeswax is quite shiny when it's liquid and hot. As soon as it dulls slightly, it's cool enough to touch.

Simple slip-knots around the leaf stems along a string make an easy and luscious fall garland.

Here's to fall and you and yours!

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