Monday, October 24, 2016

Let's work together, you and me.


Early this summer I sent out a couple of pitch letters to companies I respect. One responded positively, and coming soon, I'll post a review of some new products of theirs.

In recent months I've traded paintings for a marvelous double stroller, a hat for a birthday bike (shh. don't tell C), and arranged to trade a painting for a big-girl carseat. 

In most of these cases, we each would have happily given the other what we traded.

I've been so thrilled, not only to do custom work for lovely people, but to trade beauty for treasures instead of dollars.

I've been thinking. Let's work together, you and me.

Do you love some painting but not the price tag? Have you daydreamed about a craft from my blog, or a custom piece of art? 

Do you have a product you want me to try and write a review article?

Send me a message with your idea and let's work together, you and me.


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